persuasive and leading arguments by WP

by stillinnewyork


The Worker’s Party successfully defined an identity for the Aljunied voters that resonated – that of an intelligent, educated and equal electorate that cares about the future of their country and wants to do their part. For voters who saw in themselves this likeness (and many did), it would have felt extremely incongruent to vote PAP. PAP after all is associated with arrogance, prescriptive/non-consultative policies and elitism, notions antithetical to how they see themselves and how they would want to be treated (as intelligent equals).

How did the PAP counter the opposition? By rational logic. They highlighted the successes the PAP achieved the past 50 years, the lack of resources at the disposal of the opposition to run a government and even threatened unspoken consequences. Cogent arguments, but how persuasive? When you pit the logical versus the emotional, our lizard brain always wins out. Chalk one to WP for winning the hearts of the electorate.

Obviously the same argument can be made in the other contested seats, yet Aljunied proved the only success for the oppositions. The point to be made here is the trend shift in popular sentiment away from the PAP. Even if WP had lost in Aljunied, there is no doubt that the relative power balance is shifting, in part due to electorate unhappiness, in part due to smart opposition politics. The next 5 years will be very interesting.


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