Dominique Strauss-Kahn theories

by stillinnewyork

Some observations about the Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrest through the lens of human nature

1) Media presumption of guilt not innocence
That the initial media coverage of the incident leaned negative there is no doubt. More interestingly, why did the media, one that is largely liberal + jewish choose to take down one of their own? After all, DSK is a high-status jewish socialist male. Presumably, humans’ need for association with high status should at the minimum have granted DSK the assumption of innocence.

Unfortunately, the narrative pitted DSK, a high-status overlording male against the lower-status, fairer sex 32-yr disadvantaged black chambermaid. When you have so uneven a match, our underdog-supporting instincts cannot help but rear itself. Plus the reality that causes for women (against sexual violence in this case) are distinctly high-status in the feminist liberal world that we live in, naturally we line ourselves up this way.

DSK 0 : High-status seeking behaviour of humans 1

2) Le Grand Seducteur?
DSK is known as Le Grand Seducteur for a reason. He has been accused previously of sexual harassment, had an affair with a subordinate at the IMF and apparently frequents swinger clubs in Paris. A veritable womaniser, and he has admitted as much.

Seduction is a game. As anyone who has ever played a competitive game knows, satisfaction derives as much from winning as it does from the skillful decisions taken that brought the win. It is because winning implies mastery and superiority over one’s opponents (through the clever decisions we made) that we feel such a sense of joy when it happens. Conversely, someone who wins by cheating, while savouring the victory, cannot shake away the chilling knowledge of his deception (and hence non-superiority).

If DSK is indeed Le Grand Seducteur, he would never favour coercion over seduction (the ultimate of games). Where is the pleasure in that?

3) Other incongruencies
That he would try to rape a chambermaid (instead of using more gentle techniques) is unconvincing but possible. To imply that he was in such a hurry to leave that he left behind his cellphone, yet had the composure to check himself out of the hotel, then have lunch with his daughter, before calling the hotel about his misplaced phone before his flight just sounds incredulous. And this risk, for a man at the top of his world who’s soon to announce his bid for the French presidency. Doesn’t this sound positively imbecile?

When the news first came out, the media lined up the details nicely to point at guilt. The rich luxury-loving womaniser, with a history of dalliances and missteps, attacking a helpless chambermaid, before fleeing in such a hurry that he left behind his cell phone in order to catch the first flight back to France. I am ashamed to say I was convinced. But seriously, if he needed to get out that urgently, did he have to wait 4 hrs to go to France? Just get the hell out! It doesn’t matter where!

4) Finally, does this look like someone who is guilty to you?

Arrogant yes. Pissed off for sure. But guilty?

Verdict: there is more than meets the eye. Stay tuned for more scenes of human nature from this fascinating drama…


One Comment to “Dominique Strauss-Kahn theories”

  1. je suis écoeurée en tant que femme d’entendre dire “drague insistante” une fellation FORCEE! de qui se moque t on ?
    c’est ça nos politiques j’ai honte – et pourquoi il serait à part des autres débiles sexuels parce qu’il s’appelle DSK – séducteur c’est autre chose rien à voir avec de tels comportements- merci de vous occuper de lui – dommage le JUGE vient de le laisser libre ah non !

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